Youth Leadership Fond du Lac

A partnership with the Fond du Lac area schools

Preparing the next generation of leaders

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn how to work closely with others
  • Share ideas to influence change

Session Dates

Youth Leadership Fond du Lac meets monthly, September-April

8:00am-3:00pm CDT

How it Works?

A teacher, counselor, coach, advisor, principal or community leader must recommend students serving currently in their sophomore year to complete an application for the following school year.

Applications will be reviewed by Youth Leadership Fond du Lac director, where an interview process will follow for qualifying candidates.

Program Overview

Sophia believes leadership has transformative power to create positive change to the world.  By providing the next generation of leaders with the knowledge of our community, we are preparing our youth with the skills to become leaders in their families, workplaces and communities.  

Youth Leadership Fond du Lac was created in 2006, designed for Fond du Lac County high school juniors to give emerging young leaders the chance to learn how the community works, where its opportunities lie and how they might fit into future solutions.  

Through monthly day-long sessions over an eight-month period, the students become a team. They complete a project to benefit the community, learn directly from people in charge of businesses and organizations across the county, and learn from one another.  By investing in the growth of our youth, we are more able to better impact the world around us. 

At Sophia, we advance a leadership style that puts service and growth of others before self.  By providing youth with vital leadership experiences, it allows them to contribute ideas and co-create solutions for the benefit of their community.