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Sophia offerings and partner programs

Our learning programs, tools and products provide benefits to individuals at any level – and then ripple out to impact teams, business units, family units and community.


Community of Practice

Servant Leadership Community of Practice is a monthly event offered for anyone interested in learning and practicing servant leadership. Attendees listen, learn, and engage with fellow peers under the direction of a facilitator via Zoom.  Learn more ›

Servant-Leader Essentials

Servant-Leader Essentials (previously Leadership Learning Circle Series) is designed for people who want to better understand the concepts of servant leaders, explore greater self-awareness as a leader, and develop tangible leadership skills.  Learn more ›

Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference

Held annually, the Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference engages, inspires, and activates attendees, bringing together anyone interested in learning and applying servant leadership. It uses an interactive learning format that features speaker presentations and constructive conversations with other attendees.  Learn more ›

Servant Leadership Learning Community

Servant Leadership Learning Community (SLLC) is a 4-part series of interactive servant leadership sessions and featured speakers. In a combined virtual and in-person format, participants meet in a trusted space for learning, exploring, and celebrating successes and struggles that inspire greater self/other understanding, compassion, and breakthrough ideas.  Learn more ›

CliftonStrengths® 34

CliftonStrengths® 34 Assessment is an opportunity for anyone to grow in their understanding of how they work with and lead others by uncovering their top talent themes, giving them access to dive deeper into their personal leadership journey.  This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about their unique strengths and how to use them effectively as a leader.   Learn more ›

Gallup® Global Strengths Coaching

Uncovering your top strengths as a leader is important, yet putting your unique combination of strengths to work is even more important. Sophia offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who want to unleash the passion and potential that comes from knowing how to apply one’s natural talents productively.  Learn more ›

Youth Leadership Fond du Lac

Youth Leadership Fond du Lac was created in 2006 to give the next generation the chance to see how the community works, where its opportunities lie, and how they can fit into future solutions. Designed for Fond du Lac County high school juniors, this program increases youth participant knowledge of the people, resources and organizations that make our greater Fond du Lac area communities better.   Learn more ›

The Longest Table

The Longest Table is an unique celebration that serves as a culinary community-building experience intended to bring out the best in people and create more caring communities. The power of conversation, celebration, laughter, and the universal appreciation of good food will all contribute to a unique experience with proceeds benefitting Sophia Partners and the Fond du Lac community.  Learn more ›


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