We see the world + do our work with partners; believing that no one person, group, organization has "the" answer. Instead, we foster relationships, engage others, and build trusted partnerships to make the world around us a little better.

Partners make more possible.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit, community benefit, organization, we rely on partners!  Partners make programs and events possible.  Partners ensure participation fees are accessible and affordable.  Partners offer programs and services.   Partners are more than fiscal contributors to Sophia.  In partnership, we each use our own unique talents, gifts, thoughts and energy as essential pieces of building a caring community!

Our partnership opportunities include:

Program and Event Partners

More than sponsors…partners create a win-win-win situation!  When partners invest in Sophia programs and events it makes participation and attendance accessible and affordable (win), benefits the sponsoring organization through associated benefits & awareness (win) and ultimately, strengthens Sophia’s transformative leadership work in communities.  Are you interested in partnering with Sophia?  Learn more.

Scholarship Partners

Leadership development is not an operational line item in the budget of many of our communities most critical organizations, including government, non-profit, education, small businesses, community groups.  Yet, these ARE the people and organizations who make our community work – especially in hard times.  Sophia is committed to making all of our programs, events, and learning opportunities accessible and affordable…we do this in partnership with others who share our commitment and make scholarships possible.  Learn more.

Sophia Partners

We recognize that it is not everyone’s work to do what Sophia does…but, we know there are people and organizations with a commitment to the same outcome – a more caring community!  Sophia Partners are those people and organizations!  We work with our partners to align their donations, sponsorship, pledges, planned & in-kind gifts, and ideas with what they, the donor, cares most about supporting.  Donate today to become a Sophia Partner or to learn about the many ways we can work as partners in this work, contact Christa.

Program Partners

Sophia’s commitment to accessible and affordable programming goes beyond dollars and cents.  We are a resource for individuals, organizations, teams, and communities to access transformative leadership programs and services.  We access a network of aligned practitioners as partners to offer programs and services beyond what Sophia can offer alone.   Learn more about current Sophia’s offerings.  

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Sophia’s Celebration of Caring Community and Award

Sometimes we believe that successful servant leadership is only possible somewhere else.  But, it’s not!  Servant-leaders and those who practice servant leadership exists all over our community and deserves to be celebrated.  In 2012 the Sophia began recognizing and sharing stories of individuals, organizations or groups that are making significant contributions to creating a more caring community through servant leadership with its annual Caring Community Award.  Award recipients are role models who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to nurturing the spirit, dignity and potential of all people.  Interested in sponsoring Sophia’s 2019 Celebration of Caring Community Award?  Contact Christa at!

Sponsor the Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference

In our work as an educator, Sophia supports the learning and practice of servant leadership to benefit the everyday lives of individuals, strengthen organizations and ignite the potential of our community!  As a sponsor, your partnership with Sophia will provide an accessible and affordable leadership development opportunity for individuals across all sectors of our communities, including social sector agencies, government programs, large and small businesses, and people who participate in vital community building initiatives.  Interested in becoming a 2020 Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference sponsor?  Contact Christa at!