We bring out the best in people, groups, organizations and communities! Through our programs we are dedicated to inspiring, guiding, and connecting anyone who wants to embrace servant leadership.

Our mission

Nurture the spirit, dignity and potential of people through transformative compassionate leadership.

Leadership has transformative power. If you ask us, it’s a superpower really. While there isn’t simply one way to do it right, there is a certain style that produces consistent impact. At Sophia, we advance a leadership style that puts service and growth of others before self. A leadership style that prioritizes relationship building and mutual accountability while experiencing tremendous progress and results.

With the proper mindset and authentic servant leadership behaviors, we’ve witnessed individuals light up, bring their whole self to the table and reach new heights of self-awareness, personal growth and professional accomplishments. THAT is the kind of leadership we’re looking to spread out into our teams, our organizations, our communities and beyond.

Our Philosophy / How it works

It starts with you.

Self-awareness + reflection…

Sophia is dedicated to unleashing the passion and potential of all people through transformative leadership – leadership that makes things and people better. We are focused on those ready and dedicated to exploring and being their best self.

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Leadership is relationship. Relationship is conversation

Leadership is conversation!

We believe in the power of individuals to co-create solutions that result in making our teams, groups, organizations and communities stronger. Sophia is focused on conversation as critical to leadership between people, within groups, across organizations and the community as a whole.   

Creating an environment for conversation about issues that matter to people nurtures the spirit, dignity, passion and potential of people. This results in organizations caring about innovation, engagement, and commitment to performance.  At a community level, when citizens feel heard, the same results are possible.  Leadership is all about the conversations we are having.

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Practice makes ...


The role of a leader is to create a space where their team members can become more than they’ve ever been before and more than they’ve dreamed of being. The role of Sophia is to partner with individuals in their leadership journey as they serve their teams and lead in efforts to evoke this space. 

Through Sophia, we are committed to each others growth – as individuals and as organizations. We are in this journey together, and invite others to join us.

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Sophia’s core values

Our vision

Create Caring Community

At the end of the day, we work to bring together individuals across diverse sectors throughout our community. Civil officers, nonprofits, small business, faith and education leaders, corporate, and beyond. Creating shared learning experiences and common language lays the groundwork for stronger conversations, greater understanding, cross-sector collaboration and caring for others as a community.

Community Insights

“When we change our own leadership it will bring about the change we want to see in our community.”