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Primary Objectives

Individual(s) or group(s) will:

  • Learn about a specific subject area;
  • Develop deeper understanding; &
  • Impact their team or organization.


Sophia Facilitators work as mutual partners with individuals or members of a group as co-leaders to define the objectives and outcomes of the learning experience.


We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences with the broader community – business, nonprofit, academic institutions, government, healthcare and more – to create caring communities.


Pricing for a speaking engagement or workshop takes into consideration the following:

  • Number of participants in attendance;
  • Length of workshop/presentation;
  • Location of workshop/presentation;
  • Number of Sophia Facilitators and/or Partners involved in the delivery and planning process;
  • Training expenses (e.g. travel, printing, instructional materials, etc.);
  • Pre-and/or post-conversation materials;
  • Scope of work between the individual and/or organization.


We are dedicated to building a network of transformative servant-leaders who unleash the potential of people and create collaborative and thriving spaces and places!

Our Workshop Topics

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Over the years, Sophia Partners has become synonymous with servant leadership. It only makes sense that we want to share our wisdom with others! Here are some of the topics we are prepared to present to your group or organization:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Strengths-based Leadership
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Nonprofit Board Development
  • Building Servant Leadership Teams
  • Creating Learning Communities

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Meet your Learning Facilitator:

Christa Williams is dedicated to “engaging and igniting the potential” in people.

With more than 25 years of executive leadership experience in corporate, nonprofit, and educational settings, she brings servant leadership to life as an operational leader, strategist, instructional designer, and facilitator for Sophia Partners.

Christa Williams

Executive Director & Learning Facilitator

Our Speaker Network

Servant Leadership Speaker Partners

Looking for a specific date for your speaking engagement and we’re already booked? We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of community leaders and organizations we recommend that align with our mission to serve individuals, teams, organizations and communities!