Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference

This is the Most Impactful Team Conference of the Year!

The Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference is a conference focused on strengthening individual leadership skills and building collaborative and aligned teams. Perfect for leaders/teams across all sectors.

Attendees will strengthen self-awareness, develop collaborative team-leading skills, and be ready to create a positive transformative impact in all the spaces and places we share (workplaces and communities).

A Conference Designed for Being a Strong Individual Contributor and Team Member

Join Us: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Radisson Conference Center – Fond du Lac

Half-Day Pass

7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Individual Ticket: $95

Team Rate: $350 for 4 people


  • 3 Featured Speakers
  • Networking Breakfast & Breaks

Full-Day Pass

7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Individual Ticket: $175

Team Rate: $550 for 4 people


  • 3 Featured Speakers (morning)
  • Breakout Sessions (afternoon)
  • Guided Team-Impact and Action
  • Networking Breakfast & Breaks
  • Lunch with Keynote Speaker

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Partner Opportunities

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Solopreneurs or Attending on Your Own?

Don’t worry, this conference is still for you!

Information shared will support all the ways we collaborate, communicate, and co-create. We’d also invite you to “rethink” your definition of team. The concept of teamwork is just as relevant with the people we contract with, volunteer or serve with, play sports with, and more!

Conference Speakers

Emily Protine

Director of Culture and Communication

Bonner Carrington

Letesha Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Goodman Community Center

Scott Knutson

Founder and Leadership Consultant

Leading2Serve, LLC

Each keynote speaker and topic is sure to support your individual leadership development as well as your team dynamics. *Breakout sessions are ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A FULL-DAY PASS.

What you can expect from keynote conversation starters and breakout sessions:

Action + Reflection = Positive Outcomes w/ Emily Protine
The Power of Play (at work) w/ Scott Knutson ›

LEGO® Serious Play® or LSP, is a consulting and education tool involving a facilitator guiding participants through visual and interactive building activities. Followed by discussions, these activities can improve self-awareness, increase innovation, build shared vision, and unleash potential, both personally and on teams. 

Is self-awareness and creativity required in today’s work teams? In a rapidly changing work environment, teams that embrace and access the creativity of their members can increase organizational performance and turn ideas into action. The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology taps into people’s ability to imagine, describe, and make sense of the challenges we face or improvements we seek.

Scott will use “Thinkering,’ a word coined by Michael Ondaatje in his novel The English Patient, to help participants think through and process information while tinkering with their hands.  Participants will be guided to use their knowledge and imagination to build models, metaphors, and stories. You will gain a stronger awareness of yourself and how you contribute to a team.

A Leadership Story: Leading Authentically w/ Letesha Nelson ›

What are the keys to leading authentically? Values! Letesha believes every person can be an authentic leader with these five concepts and by listening to each others leadership journey. You can expect this to be an interactive session that will be filled with laughter and stories – hers and yours. You will experience Letesha’s passion for fostering change and her expertise in leadership development and her ability inspire others to embrace diversity, cultivate trust, and lead with authenticity.

Praxis Makes Perfect: Applying Reflection and Action w/ Emily Protine & Matt Kosec

In this breakout session, you will apply the “Reflection” and “Action” components of Praxis (learned through Emily’s keynote conversation starter message) to your individual and your team’s or organization’s application of servant leadership. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, you’ll learn how to reflect upon your progression through the Servant Leadership Success Model and create action for your team or organization, regardless of how small or large.

Brick Breakthroughs: Leading with Legos w/ Scott Knutson ›

LEGO® Serious Play® is a scientifically backed approach that utilizes play to help you enhance self-awareness and team performance. During this breakout session, Scott will guide participants through a series of activities using a challenge or questions. Everyone will build a model that answers the question/challenge. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others through small group model-making and sharing conversations.

Tune Into Your Cue’s w/ Kristin Bock ›

In this breakout session, you will learn how to avoid cue-lessness and shout “I’m a great leader” without saying a word. Kristin Bock—aka Woman Determined To Make Sure People Feel Seen & Heard—is a speaker, coach, and the founder of Body Language Blueprints, an online platform that helps leaders and professionals win more clients, enchant audiences, & supercharge their communities. She partners with leaders to improve their self-awareness and interactions with others.

Serving Out of Bounds: Setting Healthy Boundaries w/ Kristin Steede ›

This interactive session will explore the importance of setting healthy boundaries as a servant leader and explore how boundaries contribute to personal well-being, organizational effectiveness, and sustainability. You will learn how to identify boundary violations, communicate your needs effectively, and establish clear boundaries that support your ability to serve others authentically.

“The programs offered by Sophia Partners benefit me as a leader by giving me an opportunity to evaluate my current abilities and how to continuously improve them, while also being excited to incorporate resources with my team.”

A. Donahue

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Sophia Partners is a community-benefit, nonprofit organization dedicated to building a network of transformative servant-leaders who unleash the potential of people and create collaborative and thriving spaces and places.