Gallup® Global Strengths Coaching

One-on-one calls that work around your schedule

Being more of who you already are!


Coaching Dates

These one-on-one coaching sessions work around your schedule and meet for sixty-minutes, virtually or through phone calls.


Pricing Scale

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary conversation with Christa to learn if coaching is right for you.


To schedule your call, email hello@sophiapartners.org

Program Overview

Uncovering your top strengths as a leader is important.  Putting your unique combination of strengths to work is even more important.  

New to Sophia, Gallup® Global Strengths Coaching.

Sophia now offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who want to unleash the passion and potential that comes from knowing how to apply one’s natural talents productively.  Strengths coaching is a trusted partnership that will help you flourish by helping you focus on doing more of what you naturally do best.  Gallup® Global Strengths coaching is:

-Versatile:  virtual and telephone coaching can take place anywhere.

-Individualized: coaching conversations will be catered to your own, individual strengths and developmental needs.

-Proven:  Gallup’s unique and research-based approach to talent discovery and development.

Meet your coach:


These one on one coaching conversations will be facilitated by Sophia Executive Director and certified Gallup® Global Strengths Coach, Christa Williams. Christa has been a partner of people for more than 14 years at Sophia, guiding individuals to discover their fullest potential. With a servant leadership style and conversational approach, Christa will encourage and support your use of natural talents, leveraging them to feel empowered and inspired to accomplish personal and professional goals.  

Christa Williams

Executive Director; Learning Facilitator; Gallup® Global Strengths Coach

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