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We are committed to creating caring communities for you and future generations!

Sophia Community Impact

One by one. That’s how we can impact those around us to create caring communities, in the greater Fond du Lac area, and beyond.



Virginia L. Gilmore Caring Community Award

Since 2012, Sophia has begun recognizing extraordinary individuals, organizations, or groups that embody servant leadership in the community with the Caring Community Award. This celebration is an opportunity for recognizing and sharing stories of those who are making significant contributions to creating a more caring community.  Learn more ›

Inspire Ripples

As we celebrate 20 years of caring community and nurturing leadership development, we’re acknowledging the transformation of countless individuals, teams, groups, and organizations. With these pebbles, we’re also celebrating the ripple effect of transformation and the stories within us.  Learn more ›

Ann McGee-Cooper Spirit of Servant Leadership Award

The Ann McGee-Cooper Spirit of Servant Leadership Award celebrates people who enrich the lives of individuals, build better organizations, and ultimately, create a more caring and just world. As a community-benefit nonprofit, we are proud to honor & celebrate individuals who meet this definition! Learn more ›


Read all about our offerings, programs, conferences & more! We hope you find our collection here one that inspires and guides you on your leadership journey. Learn more ›


Growing your personal leadership skills takes time and practice. Here you will find a collection of resources to help you on your journey. Perfect for any leader, at any level! Learn more ›



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