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Refer to this list of recommended books and informative videos as a helpful resource for your growing leadership journey.


Our book list is growing! We know that there is always more to LEARN so we’ve compiled a list of books we would recommend for any leader, at any level.

Book List

  • It’s Not About The Coffee – Howard Behar
  • The Contemporary Servant as Leader – edited by Kent M. Keith, from original essay by Robert Greenleaf
  • The Case for Servant Leadership – Kent M. Keith
  • Robert K. Greenleaf: A Life of Servant Leadership – Don Frick
  • The Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership – Don Frick & James Sipe
  • The Wisdom of Servant Leadership – Isabel Lopez
  • The Servant Leader – James A. Autry
  • The Leadership Challenge – James Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner
  • The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge
  • Lead with Luv – Ken Blanchard & Colleen Barrett
  • Burn Ladders. Build Bridges – Alan Patterson
  • Being the Change – Duane Trammell, Ann McGee-Cooper & Gary Looper
  • Servant Leadership from the Middle – Bernard Osborne
  • Expansive Impact – Sarah Young
  • 8 Essential Steps to Inspire Others & Build a Thriving Workforce – Tenia Davis


Do you have a favorite book or author not on this list?

Contact us and let us know!



These videos highlight some of the inspirational & encouraging leaders at Sophia and in our community. Watch now!



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