Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference

Registration is open: October 19, 2020

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A half-day leadership development conference to become stronger servant leaders.

  • Offers individuals of all leadership levels and backgrounds an engaging learning experience.
  • Unleashes the potential of people and their organizations & community!

October 19, 2020

8:00am – 12:00pm (noon): Conference Program

Sophia has partnered with Chapman & Co. Leadership Institude to provide the content, energy, ideas and actionable take-aways for the 2020 Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference.  The Include Workshop was designed for meaningful interaction and sustainable change. It is meant for employees and leaders at all levels.


Conference Pricing

To register, visit: ASLC registration

*Scholarships offered through the generosity of our event sponsors.  To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at 920-375-1488 or hello@sophiapartners.org.

Conference Overview

INCLUDE: beyond awareness to impact

Training people on differences and biases is one thing. The Aspiring Servant Leaders Conference this year, in partnership with Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, will focus on practical, long-term solutions to creating more inclusive relationships, inclusive teams and inclusive cultures.  We will focus on learning behaviors that drive connections and relationships. Relationships between people are at the core of inclusive, productive work environments, regardless of the demographic make-up of your people. It’s in relationships where trust, understanding and empathy thrive.


  • Implement practical, long-term inclusivity solutions
  • Model new ways of communicating for others in the organization
  • Take personal responsibility for building a more inclusive environment
  • Use listening and recognition skills for better communication and collaboration

Fred G. Falker


Falker Consulting Group

Frederick G. Falker is the President of Falker Consulting Group, Inc., a human resource development training and consulting firm and Director of Workforce Development for the Saint Louis Zoo. He has worked as an organizational development consultant for more than 30 years, helping organizations with performance management, customer service and diversity issues.

Chapman & Co. has partnered with Fred as a well-known thought leader and experienced diversity and inclusion consultant. Fred’s work has helped develop a fundamentally different approach that goes beyond unconscious and implicit bias training. Instead of focusing on the differences between people, Fred focuses on the distance between people and the behaviors that drive connection regardless of the demographic make-up of your team, department, or organization. 

Jami Dix

Chief Engagement Leader

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute

Once being described as, “The person in the room with the most best friends,” Jami Dix is a Client Engagement Leader at Chapman & Co. Jami plays a dynamic role leading people, facilitating and developing new content, most recently on diversity and inclusion. Motivated by people and connection, Jami’s role allows her to leave work energized. When asked about leadership, Jami’s response is that “Leadership can be found in everyday, simple moments. You don’t have to have a title to be a leader, you just have to make the choice.”

As a Client Engagement Leader, Jami facilitates, creates new content and does executive coaching.  Chapman’s content is designed to raise awareness so that people can make more intentional behavior choices. Jami is a certified coach with experience in leadership, development and consulting. Jami has a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Kansas.

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