Virtual Servant Leadership Learning Community

Partnership Program

A truly unique leadership program designed to get leaders in touch with what it means to live with a "servants" heart.

  • Limited to 10 carefully chosen servant-leaders through an application process
  • Includes nine themed 90-minute tele-circles where each person has an opportunity to speak and be deeply heard.

2019 Session Is Currently in Process

2020 Dates:  To Be Determined

Phone calls: Mondays at 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time

Commitment: 3 to 4 hours of learning time per month, including 90 minute phone calls.



Virtual Circle Pricing

The program fee is $875. 

Application review process details: A member of the VSLLC partnership team will contact you after you complete the application and are accepted into the program to make payment arrangements.

VSLLC® members reflect on leadership as relationship and lead from a clearer awareness in their lives. By participating in the core sessions, members experience authentic conversations that inspire greater understanding, compassion, and breakthrough ideas. For eight years, participants have left with clarity and invigorated passion about their purpose and how they want to serve…getting more in touch with that fire in their heart.

What Will I Learn?

1. How to find and cultivate your strengths so that you can use them more effectively
2. How to deepen capacities for listening and accessing inner wisdom and courage
3. How to lead with greater authenticity, passion, and energy
4. How to “be present” in community and experience the gifts of a highly supportive network of dedicated servant-leaders

Who Will I Meet?

You’ll join nine other individuals on the journey of servant leadership. Past participants have come from a variety of disciplines, from work in corporations, public service, education, nonprofit, and other sectors. The facilitators will bring a breadth of experience, but expect to learn just as much from your VSLLC® peers. Some of our participants maintain relationships beyond their course.

How Does it Work?

Participants then virtually attend nine 90-minute tele-circles (a phone call that is intentionally a “circle” so that every person has an opportunity to speak and be deeply heard). Each call is focused on a theme of servant leadership and participants are sent pre-readings to prepare for calls. Sessions are facilitated by Dr. Deborah Welch, Dr. Virginia Gilmore, Duane Trammell, M.Ed. and Matthew Kosec, M.A. Facilitators have spent decades of their lives working with both individuals and groups in servant leadership principles and practices.