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Community of Practice: Coffee & Conversation

December 17, 2021 @ 1:30 am - 2:30 am

This month’s topic is Joy!
Servant Leadership: Joy and the unexpected benefit that comes from leading by serving first
Robert K. Greenleaf, when he published his 1970 essay “The Servant as Leader”, proposed that service ought to be the distinguishing characteristic of leadership. Not only would it create a better, stronger society, but people themselves “would find greater joy in their lives if they raised the servant aspect of their leadership and built more serving institutions”.
In this session, we will explore questions such as:
– Do servant leaders really experience greater joy?
– Does joy at work contribute to greater success in workplace teams?
– What is the difference between joy and other emotions such as happiness?
Christa Williams, Executive Director of Sophia Transformative Leadership Partners, will facilitate this session through small group discussion, personal reflection exercises and bite-sized, actionable take-aways.
This month’s conversation will only be held via Zoom. This session will be recorded. There is no cost to attend. Please register at the Zoom link below to obtain the video link for the time of the event: Register here

What is a Servant Leadership Community of Practice? It is a monthly opportunity for leaders to gather and learn from each other about actively practicing servant leadership, both individually and organizationally. As a peer-facilitated meeting, attendees can expect to learn best practices, explore questions, share servant-leadership success stories and meaningful resources. To learn more about the topic for this meeting visit: https://www.sophiapartners.org/events/

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