Be the Leader You Wish to Be in the World

Conversation Starter Cards for Transformative Leaders

Leadership is conversation with the power to ignite spirits, dignity, and potential.

  • The Be the Leader Card Deck are 24 bite-sized tools you (or your team) can use to unleash your servant leadership potential.
  • Use these cards in a number of different ways — personal motivation or to kick off a conversation with a dash of connection
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How to use...

You might ask, “How will these cards help me ‘be’ a servant leader?” Although there are hundreds of ways to ‘be’ a servant leader, these cards can be used daily as a source of motivation and inspiration.


Take a card from the deck. Read and reflect on what the ‘be’havior means. Try the action. Repeat until you feel greater understanding and competence in the ‘be’havior.

Why they were created...

Gathered from our experience as a servant leadership educator, practitioner, and learning facilitator we know leaders need daily practice and inspiration to be their best selves as individuals, partners and co-creators.
The ‘be’havior cards are divided into four sections:
  • be inspiring
  • be serving
  • be collaborative
  • be passionate

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Building on the success of our community-based servant leadership programs, we’ve created the Be The Leader Card Deck (previously called Servant Leadership ‘be’havior cards) — a brand new set of bite-sized leadership inspiration and action cards to help anyone on their leadership journey.  At Sophia we believe in individuals who are dedicated to exploring and being their best self as leaders in changing teams, organizations and communities.

Now, we want to put what we are learning in the hands of transfomative leaders – and, that is where we need your help!  Watch for more information coming soon about the kick-off of our kick-stater campaign to help us get these cards produced and in the hands of transformative leaders like YOU!

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