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This form is used by school or a community leader to recommend a student (who is currently a sophomore) to participate in Youth Leadership Fond du Lac. Not all recommended students will be invited to complete an application. Not all students who apply will be invited to an interview. Not all interviewed students will be offered participation in the program. The students you recommend should demonstrate leadership potential and have the desire to serve their school and community. Only students who are recommended by coaches, counselors, principals, teachers, or a community leader will be invited to complete the Youth Leadership Fond du Lac application. Youth Leadership is an eight-month program open for students serving in their junior year in 2023-2024. The mission of the program is to stimulate and promote community leadership in emerging youth leaders by expanding their knowledge of the value and strength of the greater Fond du Lac area as a viable career destination. The program offers education and experiences that help students frame and develop their leadership philosophies. Transportation to meeting sites in the greater FDL area is not provided by the program.

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